Carolina Dalla Chiesa

Welcome to my personal website :)

Here I expose my academic profile, research output, and personal projects.

I am interested in how creative production, artists and culture get organized, funded, and distributed. I am particularly attentive to the use of digitalization to enhance emergent niches, entrepreneurs, independent creators, and new forms of organization.

As a lecturer and thesis supervisor (bachelor and master), I covered subjects such as cultural entrepreneurship, digitalization in the creative sectors, the economic features of the arts, funding models, and the management of culture. I also independently took part in a number of consultancy projects for NGOs, and cultural organizations with a focus on management and organization of cultural activities. Some of these experiences are described in the forthcoming pages of this website.

Key interests:

Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing

Cultural Entrepreneurs

Cultural Economics

Organization Theory/Cultural Organizations

Digital Economy of the Arts